Mia Casa Network

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Brian Kirton|
Week 6 Assignment|
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Wide Area Network

1. Current Mia Casa Foods-LA

2. Proposed Mia Casa Foods-LA

3. Explanation of proposed network
My proposed network consists of six servers each firewalled, routed, and switched. Subnets created and composed of 250 workstations per 6 D-link-Layer 3-48 port 10/100/1000 switches which are a high performance LAN device. Using subnets makes the routing process simpler and data flow faster which lessens traffic problems. Basically, sub netting divides this large network into smaller and easier to handle networks. 4. Antivirus Software can be a number of choices. Upgrading already used antivirus would probably work as well as any other antivirus available. 5. Securing individual machines can be done with firewalled routers which protect an entire network. Individual machines therefore could use software firewalls and/or install the secure browser. Administrators can also configure firewalls to stop certain traffic that does not meet specifications. Cleaning the machines by removing un-needed programs and software, and not knowing administrators credentials is a plus.

6-7. Adding security to the webpage and intranet webpage could be done by hiring a good web-site developer.
8. Issues of updating software can be accomplished by using Windows Server Update Services for any Microsoft products. Any custom software or in-house software should be updated and taken care of by the company’s developers. Any software that was purchased from a third party should be updated by the third party.

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