Mi Identidad

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Jasmine Navarrete
Mr. Carlos Arce
Spanish 245
September 3, 2012
Mi Identidad
“I’m Mexican-American.” “Um, aren’t you too light-skinned to be Mexican?” These are the types of prejudice remarks I have encountered from people when asked for my ethnicity. The color of your skin should not have anything to do with how your labeled, where you come from, what your ethnicity is, what your nationality is, basically what makes you, you. A person’s identity is not something that may just be determined based on their appearance/looks. It is a state of mind that is influenced by your environment, family, and experiences. It is also defined by those values and beliefs you are willing to stand up for. Little by little I am learning more and more everyday about myself and those defining traits that make me the strong Latina that I am today. Soy inteligente como mi madre, compasivo como mi padre, fuerte come mi abuelo, y amable y cariñosa como mi abuela.

Being raised in a Mexican family and coming from the background that I come from has taught me to be family-oriented, compassionate towards others, honorable, proud, and to always stay strong no matter what the circumstances. In my culture everything revolves around family, it is the most important thing we value. Desde niña or “chiquitita,” as my grandpa would always call me, I can always remember being around family whether it was all of us simply helping out my grandma in the kitchen make breakfast; going on our family camping trips to Pismo Beach; or all the grandchildren carpooling with my grandpa on work deliveries so he would not miss la hora de la sena. If there is one thing that I could pick that I have learned from being brought up in a Mexican family and culture is that “la familia es para siempre.” No matter what happens in life and where you end up, your family will always be the one most important constant figure in your life forever, para siempre. I believe that without a true strong family connection...
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