Mhm 535 Hospital Administration Mod 1

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Health economics Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Touro University International
MHM 535
Hospital Administration
Module 01
Case Assignment

Dr. Sharon Nazarchuk
26 January 2009

After reading the background materials conduct additional research and respond to the following questions in a 3-4 page paper: 1) Discuss the role of government in responding to historical trends that impact the delivery of care in hospitals. Our nation’s health system has experienced tremendous upheavals since the turn of the previous century. Provision of care- including availability- payment mechanisms, education and training, and methods of delivery, including structure, have all been influenced by changes in funding and methods of leadership and management at the national, state and local levels (Kilpatrick, 1996) The public, private, non-profit debates have enveloped hospitals and health care providers for the last two decades (Kilpatrick, 1996) The delivery of health during the past century has fundamentally changed and evolved as a result of responding to various economic, domestic and international crises- resulting generally from wars and conflicts, technological advancements and financial constraints (Kilpatrick, 1996) Physicians and other health professionals, while conscientiously and sincerely attempting to treat and alleviate illness and suffering, have labored without the benefit of an organized and efficient universal health care system (Kilpatrick, 1996) Systematic reinvention and health care reform leading to universal national health delivery was investigated by the Clinton administration during the first half of the administration but was subsequently rejected by the congress. However changes have occurred in spite of the rejection, changes are reflected in the emergence of the mega health systems crossing traditional geographic boundaries; mergers; acquisitions; and affiliations; financial and organizational threats to Medicare and Medicaid programs, rapid and steady growth in managed care...
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