Mgt470 Assignment 2

Pages: 8 (2561 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Assignment 2

Read the Application Case 6-1: Job Analysis: Assistant Store Managers at Today's Fashion. Critically evaluate the job analyses that Mary conducted for the position of assistant store manager. Has she used appropriate methods? What are the strengths and weaknesses of her efforts? After critically evaluating the job analyses that Mary conducted for the position of assistant store manager, I feel that the appropriate method would have been to retain an outside source to conduct the analyses. The reason I feel Mary should have hired an outside source instead of conducting the interviews with the three current assistant store managers within her region is because of her bias with personal feelings through experiences she suffered while working as an assistant store manager and because her BBA degree is in marketing with no additional background experience or formal training in job analyses. Although she had the best intentions for doing the job analyses in bettering the assistant manager position, the weakness in doing the analyses herself was she lacked experience to do the analyses and could miss crucial steps or processes needed to evaluate properly. Additionally, Mary only conducted the analyses from a certain region that was closer to where her office was located and she should have analyzed other regions as well because different regions could have additional specialties or departments due to the Today’s chain being successful and catering to local customers’ tastes and buying habits. Each store has a different collection of merchandise, and several different combinations of departments. Without getting all regions assistant manager inputs, Mary limited the information within her job analyses. The strengths of her job analyses were that she had worked as an assistant manager so she knew the job thoroughly. Additionally, she realized that although she knew the assistant manager position well, she still interviewed other assistant managers to get a better analysis. What kinds of factors about Today’s Fashion and its operations should Mary have examined more seriously in order to improve her job analyses? The factors Mary should have examined more seriously within Today’s Fashion and its operations could have been an overview of the organization and not just the assistant manager position but all the jobs related to that position. An overview provides the job analyst with an informed picture of the total arrangement of departments, units, and jobs. Additionally, this overview will provide the job analyst with a better understanding of the flow of work through the organization. She could have used an organizational chart to analyze the relationships among departments and process charts to see how specific sets of jobs are related to each other and the flow of activities necessary to produce a desired product or service. Also, instead of relying on just her interviewing of three assistant managers to gather the information needed for the job analyses, her methods for a job analyses should have included observations, questionnaires, and job incumbent diaries or logs to get a thorough examination of her organization’s processes. With these tools, she could have gotten a more in depth perspective of what should be used to form her job description and specification. Carefully read the job description and job specification that Mary prepared. Do they appear to be thorough? Do you think that they are adequate to serve as a basis for a new selection system? How well do you think these documents will work if Mary is sued for discrimination in her hiring practices? Why? After reading the job description and job specification, I feel that the both are thorough and sufficient to be used to hire a new employee to fill the assistant manager position. Mary used a good job title, good description of job summarizing what will be done if employed, and what type activities a prospective...
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