Mgt448 Comprehensive Analysis Outline, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Topics: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brazil Pages: 5 (917 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Comprehensive Analysis Outline, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
350-400 words

Regional Analysis Outline for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I.Introduction: An analysis of Brazil and specifically the area around Rio de Janeiro

A.Brazil the Country
1.Location: Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean 2.Size: A little Smaller than the U.S.
3.Geography: mostly flat and rolling lowlands in north; some plains, hills, mountains, and narrow coastal belt 4.Climate: Mostly tropical, but temperate in south
5.Population: 201,103,330. 2010 Census Estimate.

B.Rio de Janeiro. The Metropolis & surrounding Area

1.Transportation Infrastructure: Mostly 2 lane roads in cities and unimproved roads in rural areas.

2.Some Railway but almost no passenger trains

3.Airports in major cities.

4.Ocean Ports and Cruise Ship Facilities

II.Terrorism and Other Dangers of Concern

A.Tri Border Area
1.Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay borders.
a. Focal Point for arms smuggling, illegal narcotics trafficking money laundering, and fundraising for extremists.

b. Incursions from Argentina and Paraguay Insurrectionists / Drug Traffickers Smugglers and innocent bystanders

2.Kidnapping Political and Ransom
a. Oil & Mine Consultants from Foreign Corporations

b. Tourists

B.Drug Cartels
1.Turf Wars & Innocent Bystanders


1. Kidnapping Monetary [Quick-napping]
a. A kidnapping outside of banks or ATMs. A common occurrence.

b. Abduction of victim for short time to get a fast payoff from victim’s company / family or the victim’s bank card. Some victims beaten some raped or killed.

c. Crime especially prevalent around areas frequented by tourists and visitors.

d. Block Quote: ”The incidence of crimes against tourists is greater in areas surrounding beaches, hotels, discotheques, bars, nightclubs, and other similar establishments that cater to visitors. This type of crime is especially prevalent prior to and during Carnival (Brazilian Mardi Gras), but takes place throughout the year. While the risk is greater at dusk and during the evening hours, street crime can occur both day and night, and even safer areas of cities are not immune. Incidents of theft on city buses are frequent. Several Brazilian cities have established specialized tourist police units to patrol areas frequented by tourists. In Rio de Janeiro, crime continues to plague the major tourist areas.”

1.Brazil's inter-city roads recognized as among the most dangerous in the world. A number of factors combine to make travel considerably more dangerous than in the United States. a.poor driving skills,

b.bad roads
1. Inadequate road maintenance

c.A high density of trucks and no laws requiring truckers to take mandatory rest stops so they frequently drive for excessive periods of time. All major inter-city routes saturated with heavy truck traffic and have only two lanes.

III. Health, Environmental, And Social Conditions.

A.Medical Care
1.Generally good but does not meet U.S. standards outside of major cities.

2.911 style service in major cities but no automatic tracking of phone calls.

3.Many insect borne-illnesses.
a.Yellow Fever
(1) “The CDC recommends Yellow Fever vaccination for persons over 9 months of age for travel to all rural areas of all states, including Iguaçu Falls tourist resorts.”

(2) Recent increase in yellow fever cases, including deaths

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