Mgt410 Simulation Week5

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Mgt410 Simulation Week5

By | October 2009
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Butler_JoyEL_Week5 Simulation

This proposal is submitted by the Human Resource Department to the JVA Corporation for an observation of the overall profitability of the company by addressing performance management, appraisal process and an excellent compensation packages. Performance management lies at the heart of providing Best Value. Without performance management, strategic commitments and high quality services cannot be delivered. JVC will continue to undergo significant change in how they operate. There focus for years to come would be on developing their associates, continuous innovation to improve productivity and performance which would eventually lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. JVC continues to recognize associates numerous contributions towards achieving these goals. As well as provide a competitive total compensation package that recognizes and rewards associate achievement. At JVC, The performance management program system will allow associates to excel. The success of our performance management process is designed to improve the productivity of our associates through the demonstrations of core behaviors and the development of critical skills and competencies to deliver the business objectives. To improve our performance management we will follow these key components, associates and leaders set challenging goals and demonstrates our core behaviors in order to deliver results, leaders coach to optimize the performance of every associates, and resources on how to develop challenging results bases on how to write fair and accurate appraisals. The compensation is designed to award associate productivity, creativity, and contribution to JVC. Managers will conduct regular salary reviews to assess the associate’s compensation in relation to performance and business contribution. Salary increases are based on number of factors including merit, productivity ,efficiency , the business unit’s sales performance, budgeting issues, industry standards,...

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