Mgt311/ Wk4 Team Strategy Plan

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STRATEGIES to build teams:
* Selection of team members: When selecting employees to create a team, we must select individuals and pair them with others whom they get along well with. If otherwise, our teams will not prove successful. * Promoting trust: In order for a team to be compatible, all team members should be able to trust each other and know that they can rely on them without a doubt any time. To build our teams trust, managers can oversee that they engage in trust building exercises. Trust between a team can also develop over relationship building that can happen just by casual hang out outside of the work place. * Identifying objectives: Each team member must identify and understand all project and team objectives to work efficiently. The teams should first identify together their objective and after deciding on their final outcome and ultimate goal, the individuals within that team can function and cooperate with each other to work towards their goal. * Conflict resolution: Just by creating strategies to develop an effective team does not mean it’s going to be 100% functional. Each team has conflict from time-to-time. As managers, you should always be prepared to step in and take control. A manager who is skilled in conflict resolution may be better at handling disputes, rather than those who do not know. * Communication must be kept open: Having a successful team means there must be communication. Those who oversee the team should always encourage and promote communication within the team between the team members. The team can develop a system that will help them communicate more effectively as in setting scheduled meetings and calls. They can exchange information and write daily emails on progress. * Feedback: Even though teams may be producing and working at 100%, as managers, we should still engage in regular feedback from each team member. Feedback could be positive or negative, such as constructive...
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