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Topics: Training, Skill, Employment Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: December 24, 2012
8. Orientation, Training and Development: Orientation is the process of bringing a new employee into the organization. This is classified under two categories, namely work-unit orientation and organization orientation. (a) Orientation Programs:

Work-unit orientation involves familiarizing the new employee with work-unit goals. It clarifies how his/her job contributes to unit goals. It also involves the introduction of employee to his/her co-workers. These elements of work-unit orientation are crucial to the introduction of new employees to Banglalink Organization orientation involves informing new employee about the organization’s objectives and necessary information required to get him/her acquainted with the workplace. It also includes a tour of the entire facility. Orientation, training, and skill development is designed in Banglalink to enhance the overall performance and familiarity of new employees to become a part of the company. (b) Types of Training: Among the types of training, traditional training and technology-based training are the two forms. Banglalink follows both the types of training. Traditional training involves job-rotation, on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching and classroom lectures. Technology-based training involves audiotapes/videotapes, videoconferencing, E-learning etc. The types of training provided by Banglalink to its employees vary from interpersonal skills, technical, business, mandatory, performance management, problem solving/ decision making and personal training. The decision on what type of training is appropriate for which employee really depends on the type of job, skills of the employee and purpose of training. Some forms of training are short term whereas others might be time consuming and expensive.

(c) Employee Training Methods:
In Banglalink, from the first day of appointment employees have to go through the training process. The new employee joins a training program. In the program s\he has to be in all...
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