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Topics: Non-profit organization, A Great Way to Care, High school Pages: 7 (2467 words) Published: December 2, 2012
School on Wheels

One of the main goals of the not for profit organization School n Wheels is to provide homeless children with the necessary tools to attend school. Evidently, in order to carry their notebooks, textbooks, and other studying utensils necessary for success, these homeless children need backpacks. That is why; one of the main challenges this organization has, is helping these less fortunate children obtain new backpacks. In tackling this challenge, the definition of success for the School on Wheels organization would be to obtain a donation of 100 new backpacks, with different characteristics--or the equivalent in monetary donation in order for them to be able to buy the backpacks themselves. Through knowledge of the organizations challenge and view on what success looks like to them, and with the help of the S.M.A.R.T goal setting technique, we are able to specify the group’s desired outcome. Because the organization has specified that they need 100 backpacks, the specified minimum quantity of backpacks to obtain is 100. Then, because the organization helps homeless children ranging from kindergarten to high school, one of the conditions to meet is that the backpacks must differ in size and color. Furthermore, the backpacks must be obtained in a specific time range; therefore, our time limit to obtain the backpacks is by the end of the spring semester of 2012, or more specifically May 1st, 2012. In fewer words, our specific desired outcome is: to donate a minimum of 100 backpacks, which differ in size and color, by May 1st 2012. Highlight obstacles and categorize

While we began throwing ideas around, our group soon realized the challenges we would need to overcome to execute our plan. As we did research on different websites looking for backpacks, we found we were unable to give the substantial information needed to fill our sponsorship applications. Since we don’t know enough the obstacle of providing this information was out of our hands. If we were to use this plan we could influence the situation by giving the applications to someone at School on Wheels to fill out and turn into the company/manufacturer.

This then leaded into our second obstacle; would these companies even sponsor our cause? This situation was also completely out of our control since we would have no final say in someone wanting to sponsor us. We decided that we could influence the situation by reaching out through our contacts. Using these connections would enable our group to make a bigger impact, possibly influencing the company to commit to making a contribution. If a company was willing to commit, our third obstacle would be how much they would be willing to contribute. This once again was completely out of our hands. Some companies may have fund shortages making it difficult to contribute to our specific cause. We decided the only way to overstep this obstacle was to try to make the biggest impact while contacting our possible donors.

While researching manufactures we found it was difficult to find any backpack manufacturers in New England and the United States in general. Most companies had headquarters out in the western part of the states, and manufactured out of the country completely. This caused some discouragement enabling our group to lose some hope to find a well made backpack. Although we found some manufacturers out of the country we had no idea whether they were reliable and sturdy.

Our main problem was finding a variety of backpack for children in grades kindergarten through high school. This obstacle could be worked around by finding a manufacturer with a versatile look for all ages. With a versatile look we could shoot for a variety of colors and designs making each child feel special with their new bags. Our group could also make sure the backpacks were made with quality so they don’t seem handed down. With these obstacles in mind we began...
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