Mgt 615 Radio Shack- Company Case Study

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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Discussion Questions 1. Evaluate this situation from the view point of David Edmondson’s ethical leadership. What could Radio Shack have done differently? In this world some people want money and power. To gain these two things often people choose the wrong ways. David Edmondson is one of them, because he cheated on his resume. David Edmondson is a fraud that means he is not an ethical leader at all. Because of Edmondson’s cheating his company RadioShack faced losses, so he didn’t do ethical leadership in his workplace. If a manager cheats, lies, steals, manipulates, take advantages of situations, or treat others unfairly that is not an ethical behavior. That is called unethical behavior. We can see lying on David Edmondson’s case, so we can say that he didn’t behave as an ethical leader. According to the text, “Ethical leadership is known as our core values and having the courage to live them in all parts of our life in service of the common good.” Before entering to a company a manager should know what is ethical leadership. If a manager doesn’t know what ethical leadership is, then he/she will never fulfill their job properly. If a manager doesn’t have knowledge about ethical leadership then he will do unethical things in a company. Also, unethical leadership can create many problems, such as ethical lapses and social irresponsibility. To prevent all of these things in an organization we have to give ethics training, independent social audits and also give knowledge about formal protective mechanisms.

MGT 615 Radio Shack Case Page 2 of 5 Radio Shack could have fired Mr. Edmondson, but before fire anybody they need to background check, can check references, and hired someone outside to check independly how Radio Shack getting losses and benefits. 2. What stakeholders might be impacted by this situation? What concerns might each stakeholder have had? Were any of the stakeholder concerns in conflict with each other?...
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