MGT 599 SLP 1 Strategic Management Kraft Foods

Topics: Strategic planning, Statements, Organizational studies Pages: 9 (1818 words) Published: September 6, 2014

Module 1 SLP
MGT 599 Strategic Management
Dr. Nanette Metz

In every organization there are guidelines that need to be followed in order to have a successful and profitable future. The mission and vision statements of an organization provide these guidelines. By articulating a company’s purpose, goals and vision these statements can motivate and inspire passion within the stakeholders resulting in a successful organization. Although these two powerful statements reflect different aspects of organizational goals they work together to provide a comprehensive overview of an organization. In this paper the author will discuss criteria that are essential to developing a mission and vision statement. In addition the author will compare the commonalities and differences between the two lists of criteria. Mission Statements

At the heart of every business is a mission statement that “describes the overall purpose of an organization” (McNamara, 2009). Through a mission statement an organization has the ability to define themselves at the simplest level thereby ensuring that all employees, customers and stakeholders understand their purpose (Kapenda, 2008). It is the author’s belief that there are five crucial criteria that must be utilized when devising a good mission statement. These include: Clear and Concise: A mission statement is the heart of an organization and must clearly spell out why an organization exists. First and foremost clearly articulating an organizations purpose allows stakeholders to determine if the provided services meet their demands/needs (Crea, n.d.). Additionally, a clear mission statement “provides a strong frame of reference from which management can determine short term organizational goals and tactics” that will contribute to success (Rector, 2010). Clear and concise mission statements leave no room for confusion as to why an organization exists and where they are headed. When an organization has a clear mission statement stakeholders are more likely to remember an organization and their purpose (Belcher, n.d.). “Consumers should be able to read and understand the direction of a company and why the organization exists without much forethought” (Belcher). Creates a Vision: When a mission statement provokes a positive vision it persuades consumers and employees to believe in the organization and their product. A vision helps keeps employees, shareholders and stakeholders focused on organization objectives (Hull, 2013). Creating a clear vision can help foster teamwork, enhance communication and develop leaders, all of which contribute to enhanced organizational success (Crea, n.d.). Discusses Growth and Profitability: Stating the future growth and profitability of an organization lets consumers, employees and stakeholders know what the organization is working toward and what they hope to achieve. Setting growth goals keeps organizations accountable and on track to meeting their goals. Additionally, it demonstrates to competitors your commitment to the organization and the vision. Reference for Business states “feeding on the strengths of an organization, strategic and operational goals can be set that will help maintain and met profitability” (2014). Memorable and Inspirational: Leaving a memorable and inspirational impression on all stakeholders is a key to continued success and growth of an organization. First impressions are extremely important for “if a first impression is unfavorable it is human nature to cause people to not bother looking more deeply at an organization or getting to know them” leading to organizational failure (Ramjee, n.d). Clear Target: Mission statements should target specific clientele that the organization is hoping to draw to their services (Crea, n.d.). Targeting specific stakeholders can help differentiate and separate an organization from their competition (Ramjee, n.d). Reference for...
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