Mgt 550

Topics: Virginia, Business, Richmond, Virginia Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: April 22, 2012
In-Depth Audience Analysis
Jameelah Richardson
Dr. Echols
MGT 505
December 4, 2011

With the resubmission of this paper, I actually conducted research on the topic I’m writing about and made sure I understood the research gathered for this assignment. I hope to gain a better understanding of what the Chamber of Commerce is and how it affects my community and the people in it. This revision has taught me to take the time to understand the topic and to conduct the research needed to complete the assignment and also not to complete an assignment based entirely on my thoughts of what I would do if I were in that position. Illustrate the Message’s View of the Audience and Stakeholders based on the Written Profile.

The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce is a great service to communities. They generate business, raise awareness, create value, network, set up alliances and work together socially and politically. A great Chamber can do wonders for a community. Founded in 1867, The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce focuses on shaping the financial, educational, and civic well-being of its region. (GRCC, 2011). The Chamber acts as an advocate or protector for public policies that creates a stable vibrant economy and business area. Those range of issues that the Chamber feels the need to protect its members from are taxation, business and environmental regulation, transportation, workplace and labor relations, health care, education, workforce training ,compensation, technology and economic development just to name a few. The vision of The Greater Richmond Virginia Chamber of Commerce is to be the voice of the Virginia business community and the most influential business advocacy organization in the Commonwealth. The mission of The Greater Richmond Virginia Chamber of Commerce is to be a non-partisan, business advocacy organization that works in the legislative, regulatory, and political arenas to act as the catalyst for positive change in all...
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