Mgt 521 Week 1 Paper Channels of Communication

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MGT 521

Channels of Communication
According to our readings, “There are two main forms of communication channels; oral communication and written communication.” (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Within these two channels, there are 10 different types of communication. In the communication process, it is important for the sender to clearly convey the meaning of the message for the receiver to be able to interpret. In order to achieve this goal, the correct communication channel and style must be used. Scenario I

To interact with your team about the best beverage strategy, I would use an informal communication channel. According to our readings, an informal communication channel would “provide feedback to upper management, which would lead toward progress in achieving higher goals and relay any issues that may occur in help resolve these issues” (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Further, face to face communication would be the best form of oral communication to be used as an informal communication channel. The team only has one week to develop a global marketing strategy, so the meetings must be more informal and be able to work out the possibilities in a live face to face series of meetings. Other forms of communication such as phone calls, voicemail, or emails could result in slower and shorter discussions. The team needs to be as efficient with their time as possible to deliver this strategy. To convey the strategy to the VP of Operations, I would use a more formal and upward communication channel. According to our readings, a formal channel of communication is “established by the organization and transmit messages related to the professional activities of members. They traditionally follow the authority chain within the organization” (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Since formal communication follows the chain of command, it is more proper for the team to put their strategy in a written presentation for initial review I would send the VP of Operations an...
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