Mgt 5000 Assignment 1

Topics: Motivation, Human resource management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 12 (3502 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The Scenario
Three years ago, I joined AXA which I was responsible to managed 2 portfolio namely the Finance Operation function and also in charge of the local reporting to the Regulator on a monthly basis with 8 staffs. In 2010, our company finally acquired another local company, BHI Insurance and like any other merger and acquisition, some of the staff of he new acquired company are make redundant and some are employed as staff of the new merged company. In 2011, as the finalization of the merger and acquisition, both team AXA and BHI finally located themselves in the same location under the same company. In this new merged finance structure, I was appointed to be the Vice President of the Operation function with 12 staffs and Allyssa, the Head of Finance with her team consist of Winnie and 4 other staffs are in charge of the Reporting section which includes the previously local reporting portfolio in charge by me. As BHI’s company have a very hierarchy structure of reporting previously ie the Head of department only doing managing role, Winnie who is holding the same position as Nancy, my staff was not hand on her role and same goes to her team of 4 staffs. All the reporting task details and extraction report are instructed by them to my team to do which include retrieving file and downloading the report as some of my staff included the pex-BHI’s staff which was then integrated to join my team after the integration. Nancy and the remaining 11 staffs started to feel unmotivated and burden with their day to day work load and unsatisfaction as the bonus and promotion for the year does not reflect the work done by them. In order to ensure that they finished the daily work, they are required to do overtime while Winnie and her team are able to go back home on time. The motivation of the team sloping downward as time goes by and the teamwork between Allyssa’s team have also deteriorated. Nancy, my staff who got a double promotion for the year are only given 2.5 months plus $500 increment while the average increment for the company as announced by Human Resource Department during the performance and salary review briefing are around $400 and average bonus is about 2 months. She decided to tender her resignation the following month citing her unsatisfation toward her promotion and the treatment by Allyssa's staff on her job responsibility and she loses her work life balance as she need to stay back after office hour to complete her work. After two round of round of discussion with Nancy, I have no choice to bring this case up to Human Resource Department and the CFO to review Nancy’s case. I believe this issue not only affecting Nancy but also my other staffs.

Task 2.1 - Impact of events on Attitudes and Perception
As the behaviour of Allyssa and her team affect the attitudes and perception of my team consist of Nancy and other teammates which this has adversely affect the attitudes of the my team especially when they need to do other people while they have their own job responsibilities that they need to perform. It is apparent that Nancy has expected higher reward for the job that she has performed and although recognition that she have achieved, she felt that the reward does not compensate the recognition and performance that she has performed. (Wood et. al 2013,p 58). Nancy and the team has expressed their dissatisfaction through their attitudes in their work about the current situation which has declining their job satisfaction as one important work-related attitude is job satisfaction which expresses a person’s positive and negative feelings about various aspects of job and/or work environment. (Wood et al 2013,p58)

Another factor that have contributed to this situation is the negative perception and “protective” or “defensive” attitudes that was developed during the integration time which was neglected by the Management as the different...
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