Mgt 500 Questions

Topics: Ethics, Philosophy, Morality Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Week 3 Discussion Questions:
Personal Ethics Awareness

Part 1: Mini-case
Read the case provided at the end of this assignment. Then, answer the following questions based on this case.

1. The first step in ethical decision-making is recognizing an ethical issue. What are three questions that you could ask yourself to see if there’s an ethical issue at hand? Then, answer each of these three questions for the case provided.

2. The second step in ethical decision-making is getting the facts. What are three questions could you ask yourself to make sure that you have all of the facts? Then, answer each of these three questions for the case provided. Make sure that you include at least three courses of action. 3. The third step in ethical decision-making is to evaluate your three courses of action from various ethical perspectives. Pick any two of the ethical perspectives that are discussed in the text (e.g., deontological, utilitarian, virtue). What does each of those perspectives say about each of your courses of action? Make sure to demonstrate that you understand the ethical perspective you are describing and to fully and clearly describe how each ethical perspective relates to each course of action

4. The fourth step in ethical decision-making is to make a decision and test it. Answer the following questions. 1. Given your assessment in Step 3, which course of action would you pick? Why?

2. If you told someone you respect why you chose this option, what would that person say?

Part 2: Your Moral DNA
Go to the webpage: Take the Moral DNA test. Download your report and review it. In addition to your overall type (pg. 2), you will receive a score for Ethic of Care, Ethic of Obedience, and Ethic of Reason (pg. 4).

1. What type are you (e.g., teacher, angel, enforcer, etc.)? What is your strongest moral philosophy (Highest score on Care,...
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