Mgt 445 Week 4

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Miami School District Negotiation Paper
MGT/ 445

Miami School District Negotiation Paper
The Miami school board will address the importance of redrawing the school lines with the students and parents The Miami school district will show the value of redrawing school boundaries for students and Furthermore, parents concerns for quality of education, increased travel time, effects on property value, and social effects on children will be addressed. The impact of redrawing school boundaries will have an impact on teachers and students. The effect of not redrawing school boundaries will be addressed so that all stakeholders will understand the impact non-action will have. The negotiation strategy the Miami school district will use to convey the importance of redrawing school zones will be a win-win strategy so that all stakeholders will be satisfied with solutions for the increase in enrollment. An integrative strategy will be implemented because the outcomes will not be mutually exclusive. The board wants to find a solution and use a strategy that will alleviate overcrowding and address the concerns of parents, students, and teachers. The school district will create plans that will create an equal benefit for all parties involved and possible improve the learning environment overall. The purpose of the negotiation strategy and ultimately redrawing school boundaries is to do what is best for the students by reducing class size. The district must be able to show parents how redrawing school boundaries will allow teachers to have more impact upon students and how large class sizes will inhibit effective class instruction. It is the districts intention to provide quality education and establish lasting relationships within the community. Community and parent involvement will be paramount in negotiations. Negotiation strategy will convey the importance of redrawing school boundaries as the only outcome that is of importance is to maintain quality education within the classroom. Quality of Education

Quality of education is and should be at the forefront of concern for parents. As such, parents have a concern that redrawing school boundaries will affect the quality of education for students if they have to attend another school. Adjustment is always particularly hard to make and by redrawing school boundaries students will need to make necessary adjustments to new school environments. These adjustments may possible have adverse effects on the learning environment as student may be uncomfortable and have long periods of acclimation. The school board will have counselors ready for any students who find acclimating to their new environment difficult. Teachers will be especially aware of any difficulties in learning due to the new school environment and have training to help find solutions to help struggling students. The Miami school district requires all teachers to be certified and due to redrawing requirements will undergo additional training on classroom management. Increased Travel Time

Redrawing of school boundaries may have adverse effects on students and parents with increased travel time to and from school. Additional transportation challenges may arise as well as boundaries are redrawn. The board understands that many time management problems will arise from the changes. Parents may have to readjust family schedules due to the changes and students may be required to acclimate themselves to new communities that they may have never before visited. Due to changes in travel time, students may find the need to stay in school for longer periods of time due to extended day programs while parents adjust to transportation issues. However, according to Burgard (2009), teachers and after school programs have more time to cover curriculum and help students with homework and comprehension. Although increase in travel time will affect all stakeholders, allowing overcrowding in the classroom will have an adverse effect upon...
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