Mgt/437 Project Management Week 1

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Project Management

In this paper the word ‘project” is defined, discussed and elaborated on. The phases of a project lifecycle and its purpose are to be discussed, and how it is important for organizations to use project management to accomplish tasks will in conclusion be discussed thoroughly. The indisputable word ‘Project” may be defined in numerous unusual ways, some can all have the same meaning and others can mislead a reader. The definition that accurately explains what a project is, comes from the Houghton Mifflin Company (2009) website stating; “something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme.” A definition that can mislead a reader is this definition from the same website just two paragraphs down; to thrust outward or forward: project one's jaw in defiance.

The term project management is as clear as can be when defined as; “the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the production of a system.” This person on-the-job helps keep the employees working better with one another. The project manager also keeps deadlines met, leads the team and helps negotiate the multiple relationships within any project whether it is the project itself or the customers. With no project manager there would be no specific person to follow through with a job from start to finish. With the project manager one is able to see every little detail including the small ones in the middle that the customer usually does not see.

In a hair salon, the Lead Stylist is the project manager and he or she oversees the projects all day long. Each haircut and/or style is a project that has to be completely thought all the way through, and planned out to ensure that the job is done for the stakeholder also known as the clients, liking. The stages that one must go through to make sure that each project is completed productively are stages that are prepared daily. These steps are called a project lifecycle, and a project...
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