Mgt 437 50th Wedding Anniversary Project

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Project Proposal

Learning Team A

Cecilia Archundia, Antonette Holder, Candida Lionetti

Abbey Scott, Carrie Sykora


October 31, 2011

Jenny Kirgis, MBA

University of Phoenix

50th Anniversary Wedding


Sheryl Landau and brothers want to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary of their parents. She and her brothers are paying for the costs of the anniversary party; however, they do not know where to start as they plan the party. The Landau brothers call in Team A to develop a project proposal for planning the anniversary party.

Team A will need to gather some crucial information about the parents, budget, venue, expectations, and how many guests will be invited.

The Landau family lives in Phoenix, Arizona. The weather is hot there. The event will take place in spring, the second weekend of April. The parents do not know anything about the 50th anniversary party that their daughter and sons are planning in their honor.

After an interview with Team A, Sheryl and her brothers express the need to gather for this special occasion. Given they only visit their parents in holidays and because everyone lives in different states, they feel that this surprise party will be very beneficial for their parents and their family as a whole. This will give them the opportunity to express their love, gratitude, and support to their parents, as well as share this once in a life time event marking 50 years

Sheryl, being the only daughter, is in charge of organizing the event. The brothers will contribute as much as possible, but their main role is to provide the money for the party. They will be the stakeholders.

Project Performance

After Team A held various discussions with Sheryl regarding the expectations of her and her brothers for the party. Team A was able to generate a list of performance criteria to use as a goals or objectives as they move forward to plan the party. With a little over five months to complete the project, this will be essential to keep the party on track regarding timelines for task completion and the overall budget.

The siblings would like to give the parents an opportunity to celebrate 50 years of wedding bliss with their children, grandchildren, and closest friends on the second Saturday evening of April at a conference center in Phoenix, AZ. Locations must be explored to compare availability, pricing and entertaining and provision options. Specific times and types of entertainment must be solicited. Meal and service options must be outlined. Decorations will be selected and set up. Overnight accommodations for out of town guest must be available. Suggestions on how and when the parents will arrive in order to maintain their surprise is also pending. Finally, a budget dollar amount must be established and deposits must be given to ensure services are reserved.

Project Scope

Team A has committed to researching venues and obtaining party options and the budget to present to the family. The family will be responsible for making a decision and approving the final budget. Team A will provide two options for a venue that offers accommodations and entertainment for the family to select. Team A has committed to selecting two menus to be decided on by the family based upon budget and party theme. The family will select specific times of arrival and decorations/party theme and provide these details to Team A to ensure a cohesive event. The family will advise the method and manner by which the parents will arrive at the party and advise Team A for scheduling purposes. Team A has required five payments be made, one per month, with the final payment given the night of the party.

Triple Constraint
To plan successfully this 50th wedding anniversary, goals were set using the Triple Constraint: and scope (quality), cost (resource), and schedule (time). The Triple Constraint works together, so if one element...
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