Mgt 420 Juran Theory

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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As team C enters the second phase of this assignment it encompasses the team to select one of the theories discussed in the chapter readings, and align it with BJB CD disc changer manufacturing company. Although all the theories emphasize the significance of management responsibilities and the process it follows, Juran’s was more customer-driven that was incorporated in their innovation process. After careful analysis of the TQM theories Team C concur that Juran’s theory was best suited for the company. At BJB the goal is to keep the customers satisfied and abreast with the latest technology with the highest level of quality standards. Juran’s Trilogy of quality control, quality management, and quality planning are all aligned with BJB current structure (Clement, n.d.). His Ideas to have a systematic rapport with all parties involve such as consumer research, design, suppliers, materials, production, assembly, inspection proved to be very insightful to the company. Juran’s theory shapes the business taking into consideration customer views and vision to produce their products which is exactly what BJB manufacturing needs. Moreover, enhancing the quality of service as well as decreasing inaccuracy related cost. Juran’s states “the formula for achieving result is to: • Establish specific goals to be achieved

• Establish a plan for reaching the goals
• Assign clear responsibility for meeting the goals
• Base the result on award achieved” (Clement, n.d.) Team C believes that if we successfully follow Juran’s step by step procedures, which will take a team effort, the president at BJB vision to be the premier producer in high-end CD changers in the market will be a reality. Clements, N. (). Prism consultancy. Retrieved from
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