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Topics: Consultative selling, Sales, Automobile Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Implementing Change Paper

Andre Fairley


May 1st

Matthew Johnson

Implementing Change

In the used car business change can be stressful and frequent. Subaru of Wichita is a company that is going through those changes as we speak. Subaru of Wichita was picked up by the former Suzuki of Wichita company which has made the whole environment different. In this paper the strategies that Suzuki of Wichita used to make those changes will be discussed as well as if the strategies were successful. Last we will discuss if the way in which the change was implemented stayed consistent with the intentions of the change. So let us first discuss what strategies Suzuki of Wichita used for implementing change. Strategies Used

The first strategy that was used by Suzuki of Wichita was to make changes at the top. When Suzuki of Wichita began the process of taking over Subaru of Wichita they had to investigate and see what the problem was and why Subaru was not selling like it should. Suzuki of Wichita president wanted his own leaders in place who teach his philosophy that the customer always comes first. These leaders conducted the training to show the Subaru employees the correct way to go about selling vehicles that would keep the customer coming back and keep them telling their families and friends about the product and service that they received. What was needed next was to explain to the Subaru employees why there was the need for change. Each employee needed to understand why Subaru of Wichita had to head into a different direction. With all of the assets Subaru had, the company was not maximizing their sales to the best of its ability. After training and explaining Subaru needed to encourage the employees to be a part of the change, say what was on their minds, and do not be afraid of change. Next Subaru had to execute all the changes that were made. The cars were moved to a lot off of Kellogg that made it easier for...
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