Mgt/360 Final Exam

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  • Published: July 13, 2012
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Choose 2 of the following questions and answer completely. You must answer all items in each question. Use complete sentences. Check grammar, punctuation and spelling. Each answer must be 500-800 words and should include appropriately formatted references and citations. Each answer will be worth 5 points.

1. The water cycle is one important aspect of the biosphere. Briefly describe the movement of water through the water cycle. Water is continuously moving through, around, and above the Earth as ice, liquid water, and water vapor depending on the cycle, elevation, and surrounding elements. Three contributing factors are: Accounting-Where things are, Controls-What factors control the distribution and the cycle, and Cycle-Where things are going. This will transform water into a module supporting the biosphere. The presence of water as a liquid, gas, and solid revolves around the Earth with chemical and physical properties storing heat, acting as a inert solvent, and transporting nutrients. This transportation of water and exchanged energy converts from one state to another driving the climate and weather system. This is the largest chemical flux on the planet It does not look like there is a starting point for this cycle. Water stores in lakes and the ocean, transpires into the air creating condensation, precipitation back onto the planet's surface creating runoff, running into the ground creating ground water, and eventually making its way back to lakes and the ocean. This terrestrial system is continuous supporting life on the planet.

Then, explain how various pollutants enter different phases of the water cycle as a result of business practices. When pollutants enter the water cycle, what are the immediate and long-term effects on the environment? Various pollutants entering the water cycle from business practices are: Industrial Waste- Oil spills, City...
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