Mgt/350 – Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making; Problem Formulation and Identification Paper

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  • Published : October 1, 2011
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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper
MGT/350 – Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
Problem Formulation and Identification Paper
In today’s businesses there is no standard decision-making process, there are several was to makes decisions and each way has its strengths and weaknesses. •Robinson Make-Up Artistry
Every day a cognitive thinking pattern is necessary for effective choices. As an independent contractor of make-up artistry, I am faced with decisions that I must make without consulting a teammate. I make decisions using an intuitive approach involves the least amount of procrastination and outsourcing. I have used my intuitive skills to identify a problem and formulate a plan for desired results by altering or augmenting the current event. My most used technique to decision making and problem solving is a strategic and analytical method. The process is to first identify what the problem is and then weigh options and possible outcomes. To identify the problem, I note the flaws of negative results/consequences of an issue. For example, when photographers were regularly forgetting or misplacing props, I had to analyze why this simple error was a recurring event. I concluded that my coworkers needed reminders or improvising from me. I used trial and error methods to remind the photographers of their responsibility. First, I used e-mails and mass text messaging to announce the materials needed for the planned photo shoot. I contemplated the possible outcomes and factored that even the message may not be effective. I considered other options or solutions and formulated a concept book that lists colors, props, and other materials with visuals. This book enables me to provide supplies and make fast, well planned decisions that optimize time and space. •United States Marine Corp.

In the military we are trained to make decisions not on emotion or what we see, we are trained to make rational decisions based on accurate...
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