Mgt 331: Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior
MGT 331: Organizational Behavior

To ensure growth in a company good communication skills is the key for its success. Both technology or cultural problems can adversely affect this growth process, but on the other hand different cultures and the proper use of technology will enhance a company so it runs more efficiently.

At my workplace when my supervisor fails to inform his staff of when and how he wants a project done this make that task difficult to accomplish. He might have an idea in his head how he wants a project to be accomplished and the time frame he wants it to be completed, but if he fails to express these ideas to the employees under him they will do things how they interpret it should be done. This may not be like he wants so this job may have to be redone. If my supervisor does not inform, which staff member he wants to do a certain task sometimes two different people may be working on the same project and this is not cost effective. Communication between staff members is vital to success in a company.

The use of good communication skills is also vital between the company and the customer to ensure that they receive exactly what they want when they need it. The company must make it clear exactly what services they will provide for their customer so that there won’t be any breach of contract between the company and the customer.

Different cultures might affect how people comprehend the information you want to relay. Not only do certain people have difficulty understanding different accents, but also there are vastly different cultural accepted behaviors. For example Americans believe that meeting should start at a specific time and they like things settled immediately, but in other cultures there is always tomorrow to finalize a contract. Another problem may occur if a customer is talking to an employee that has a strong accent. They may not be able to express what the company can do to solve the customer’s...
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