Mgt 315 Class Notes

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Trait theory Pages: 5 (1097 words) Published: May 20, 2013
1. Textbook differentiates among several types of interviews. Which of the following types of interviews allows a high degree of interviewer discretion in choosing the questions to ask each candidate? A. Structured interview

B. Situational interview
C. Behavior description interview
D. Nondirective interview
1. Which of the following correlation is the strongest (i.e. has the most compact scatterplot)? E. .45
F. -.50
G. .25
H. .02
2. You want to assess the validity of a cognitive ability test, but you do not know which validation method to use. Which of the following is true about predictive validation? I. It will normally give you weaker validity

J. It will normally give you stronger validity correlations than concurrent validation K. It requires you to select people only on the basis of the test you are validating L. It is much easier and more practical than concurrent validation? 3. I am normally an average golfer, but for beating Tiger Woods by 10 stokes in a recent golf tournament, I made the cover of Sports Illustrated. However, in the next tournament, I played much worse and was back to scoring around my average. Which of the following provides an explanation for the change in my scores? M. Regression to the mean

N. Regression to the standard error
O. Reliability
P. Non of the above
4. If you wanted to measure the Big Five personality traits, which of the following measures would be the most reliable and valid? Q. Rorschach Inkblot Test
R. Thematic Apperception
S. Meyers-Briggs type Indicator
5. What theory explains the large fan base of winning sports teams by proposing that we like to associate ourselves with positive things and disassociate ourselves with negative things in order to maintain self-esteem? U. Job characteristics theory

V. Social identify theory
W. Cognitive resource capacity theory
X. Self-esteem theory
6. The extent to which a measure correlates with some criterion of interest (such as job performance) is referred to as : Y. Generalizability
Z. Validity
[. Causality
\. Reliability
7. Of the following individual characteristics, which is the most strongly related to ( i.e. has the strongest correlation with) job performance? ]. Job satisfaction
^. Conscientiousness
_. Integrity
`. Intelligence(cognitive ability)
8. You are a new employee of a consulting company, and you have just been invited to a golf outing. You go with your colleagues but you end up being the worst player on the team. The next month, your teammates don’t invite you to play softball (even though you’re really good) because they believe you are terrible at all sports. What perceptual error did your colleagues commit? a. Halo

b. Recency
c. Horns
d. Attribution
9. According to the text book, test that assess how well a person can learn or acquire skills and abilities are referred to as: e. Achievement tests
f. Aptitude tests
g. Work sample tests
h. Physical ability tests
10. The relationship between intelligence (cognitive ability) and job performance: i. Is strong, and gets stronger for less complex jobs
j. Is strong, and gets stronger for more complex jobs
k. Is weak, but gets stronger for less complex jobs
l. Is weak, but gets stronger for more complex jobs
11. Assume you are a manager at Nordstrom, a department store with a strong focus on customer service. You can measure three individual differences. Which would you choose, based on their ability to predict job performance? In other words, which of the following three factors would be the most valid predictors of performance in this situation? m. Integrity openness to experience, and agreeableness n. Intelligence,...
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