Mgt 311 Week 5

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Reflection Summary Week Five

MGT 311

Susan Mills

Reflection Summary Week Five Team
The last week of class team C found it very informative with the two major topics of the week. Methods of managing change and diversity are very important to companies and are part of the foundation for successful companies. Methods to Managing Change

Two change management theories outlined steps to take when implementing and managing change. Kurt Lewin’s model established three steps, 1) unfreezing, 2) movement, and 3) refreezing. Lewin’s theory addresses the tendency for people to stay in their comfort zone, unwilling to change (frozen). Motivation and encouragement through leadership enables people to unfreeze and move forward toward change. Upon achievement of change, the organization can stabilize or refreeze (Robbins, 2011).

John Kotter’s eight-step model is an expansion of Lewin’s model. The first step involves communicating and convincing employees that the change is critical to the sustainability of the company, reachable, and for the best of everyone. Step two is to gather a team of respected leaders. Step three involves building a clear vision of the change and the situation that will help the company and its employees. Step four communicates that vision with leadership team as role models. Step five is the enabler for employees to change in accordance with the vision through short-term goals. Step six recognizes the improvements and reassessment of changes to make adjustments as needed. The last step reinforces change by instilling the change into the organizational culture, processes, and procedures (Robbins, 2011).

Generally, the implementation of change is for the good of the organization. However with change comes resistance. There are two major forces for resistance to change; individual and organizational. A few individual forces of resistance would include:

• Habit – the forced change of an...
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