Mgt/311 Week 2 Employee Portfolio

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  • Published : August 12, 2012
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University of Phoenix Material

Employee Portfolio

Complete one matrix for each employee.

Employee name: _Bryan_________

Self AssessmentResults SummaryStrengthsWeaknesses
How Satisfied Am I with My Job? Bryan scored an 89 which is above the average of 74 to 76. Which indicates that and shows why he is hardly ever absent from work and would be very unlikely for him to leave the organizationBryan works great with others and is a great leader to have around groups, especially the newer employee’s because he has such a positive outlook on life in general. Because of Bryan’s leadership and nice personality it may be tough to get an honest constructive feedback because he would feel bad to talk bad about someone or the organization. Am I Engaged? Score was 23 in a range of 9 to 45, this shows that he is motivated, positive and has a personal commitment to the company. Bryan is engaged in his work and responsibility and has the ability to stay focused on tasks even if they get a bit challenging. Bryan should show more interest in excepting new challenges outside of his comfort zone. How Are You Feeling Right Now? Scored a 37 out of a range of 10 to 50, this shows that he is in of a more positive state of mind and this will transfer to the others that he is around at work. Has a positive outlook on life and is good to be around, making a work environment very comfortable and will benefit the company. Wondering if the answers are being chosen to what he thinks is desirable to the organization in order to keep his job instead of showing true emotions. What’s My Affect Intensity? Scored a 30 in a range from 10 to 50, showing that he is capable of showing emotion but tends to hide them or at least has the ability to do so. Bryan is great at showing the right amount of emotion for the situation at hand. It is good being in the manager position to be able to contain these feelings. Can show not enough emotion for some employees or customers has...
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