Mgt 230 Week One

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Decision- Making Process: Choosing the Right Choice

LaShanda Prejean

MGT 230

Ayneka Bruno

June 11, 2012

Decision- Making Process: Choosing the Right Choice

When making a decision like enrolling in college, one must have the right to go through it. There are certain steps in the decision-making process to be completed when deciding how to go about the choice made. Decisions can either make or break a person's self-esteem, so it is important to choose wisely. Decision making is not as easy as it may seem.

My decision to re-enroll in college was a part of a plan solely to provide for my daughter and motivate her to become independent. When I first started college, I was not thinking about my future in-depth until I discovered I was pregnant. This made me set up a plan to finish college get a degree and have a steady career by the time my daughter would be in the first grade. I stayed in college until the semester before I would deliver. Things got rocky on after the birth of my daughter but I could re-enroll after a couple of months as a new mother. I enrolled in the Remington College where I was very successful there but I was not happy. I originally wanted to go for an Associate’s degree but decided that I minus well get my Bachelors, so I transferred schools to University of Phoenix for A Bachelor’s in Business concentration Accounting. I have been to the university for a year now and have a year left. My daughter will start Pre-K this August and by the time she is in first grade, I should be doing working in career field of choice.

My decision process had little similarity to the text discuss in Chapter 3. I identified what was the reason for making the decision to go back to school. I looked at my past performance, present, and how I wanted it to be in the future. I used my daughter as a motivator to want to push me along through the rough times and realized that quitting was not an option. If I...
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