Mgt 216 Personal and Business Ethics

Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Personal and Business Ethics
Audrey N. Piedrahita
University of Phoenix
MGT 216 - Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility
Morals are the principles of knowing what is right or wrong. Ethics is the study of moral practices. To analyze, one way ethics and morals overlap is that their definitions intertwine. Ethics is present in two main levels: personal and business. There are differences between personal and business ethics. These differences are seen in the level of consequences received by an individual versus the consequences received by an organization and its management personnel. Nowadays, the government acknowledges that there is need for business ethics reform. Recent laws and business guidelines clearly emphasize the seriousness of organization ethical compliance. Morals are the principles of right or wrong, good or bad. These principles are instilled in every child’s learning of values. Moral values can be easy to understand, like violence and stealing, or morals also can be more difficult to grasp, like humility, temperance, and loyalty. Later in the learning process, ethics enters the realms, ethics being the study of moral practices. Although ethics and morals overlap in certain ways, the main difference between ethics and morals is that morals are the values themselves whereas ethics is the human process of practicing the values. Therefore, moral issues will involve deciphering what is right or wrong and ethical issues will entail how to properly handle an issue without being immoral at anytime through the process.

To further complicate ethics, there is a distinction between personal ethics and business ethics. Personal ethics involves an individual’s morals. On the other hand, business ethics is an organization’s reciprocal moral agreement with its management and employees. More and more personal ethics and business ethics intertwine. L.K. Trevino and K.A. Nelson (2007) suggested the following:...
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