MGT 216 (Assignments And Dqs And Weekly Summary) Complete Course

Ethics , Business ethics , Virtue ethics

  • School: MGT 216
  • Course: MGT 216 (Assignments And Dqs And Weekly Summary) Complete Course
  • Professor: johnmate
MGT 216 (Assignments And Dqs And Weekly Summary) Complete Course
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MGT 216 (Assignments And Dqs And Weekly Summary) Complete Course
MGT 216 Wk 1 Business Ethics Issues Paper

Business Ethics
Business ethics relate to how an organization treats others in their daily routine. It is normally perceived that the term of business ethics is used for an organization’s relation with its customers but it is an easy mistake to make. On the contrary, ethics include all aspects of a company’s behavior; interaction with customers, society and even worker relations within the company. Ethical practices may vary according to type of businesses but not adopting the ethics has uniform affect over all industries; it seriously damages the reputation of the firm. For example, if a company focuses only on sales and doesn’t think improving their poor product then people will perceive it as unethical practice and image of that organization will suffer. This poor perception will hurt the organization in the long-run. The psyche behind it is very simple; make the customer feel bad about anything and he will not come again. This is one of the reasons organizations are forced to make and follow better and better ethical practices.

MGT 216 Wk 2 Ethical Theories Chart

Ethical TheoryComparison of Ethical Theories

Utilitarianism Ethics
Deontological Ethics
Virtue Ethics

DefinitionAccording to this ethics theory, actions are judged solely on their end results. It means that if outcome produced has more good effect than bad then it is considered a good decision.According to this ethics theory, all actions are good or bad from their very start and we cannot do anything to change the outcome. Only thing in our...
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