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Choose the most appropriate answer for each question.Shade your choice on the Objective Answer Sheet. 1. Egg whites will whip up into a better foam if
a) they are at room temperature
b) they are well chilled
c) they have small amount of baking soda added to them
d) they have small amount of oil added to them

2. Which of the following combination is incorrect ?
a) Cinnamon-bank
b) Cumin-seed
c) Marjoram-root
d) Clove-bud

3. Potato is a
a) starch
b) vegetables
c) both a and b
d) neither a nor b

4. Which of the following terms is associated with broiling? a) low heat
b) tender food items
c) slow
d) all of the above

5. Deglazing takes place after
a) broiling
b) grilling
c) deep-frying
d) sautéing

6. Which of the following might produce a cloudy stock?
a) Using the fresh bone
b) Covering the pot
c) Skimming frequently
d) Simmering gently

7. ____________are made from forcemeats of poultry or game wrapped in the skin of the bird and poached in an appropriate stock. a) Quenelles
b) Pate
c) Terrine
d) Gelatine

8. When making mayonnaise,it is essential to ____________. a) Beat the egg yolks well in a bowl
b) Have all the ingredients as cold as possible
c) Use highly flavoured ingredients
d) Add the boil all at once

9. The_________ of a slice of meat determines its cooking time. a) thickness
b) grade
c) weight
d) age

10. Which of the following thick soups are most likely to contain seafood? a) cream soup
b) purees
c) bisque
d) potages

11. Vegetables are least likely to be__________ .
a) poached
b) braised
c) boiled
d) deep fried

12. _________ can protect a roast from drying while cooking. a) cooking it fat side up
b) barding
c) larding
d) all of the above

13. To make a white roux with 250gm of butter,you will need a) 500 ml cornstarch
b) 125 gm flour
c) 250 ml flour
d) 250 gm flour
14. Which of the following is not a function of fats in baked goods? a) to give firmness to the structure
b) to add moistness
c) to give crust color
d) to increase product qualities

15. Artichokes and asparagus are considered as
a) cabbage family
b) shoots
c) leafy vegetables
d) onion family

16. A liaison is added to a sauce __________.
a) at any time during cooking
b) at the beginning of cooking
c) just before the sauce is reduced
d) at the end of cooking

17. Which of the following is least likely to be found in a sachet? a) bay leaf
b) garlic
c) peppercorn
d) dried thyme

18. A prawn is a ___________.
a) large shrimp
b) green shrimp
c) crustacean
d) both a and c

19. Which of the following would generally not to be served with fish a) caper sauce
b) lemon butter sauce
c) demi glace
d) tartare sauce
20. Which is the best answer that describes the effects of heat to food composition i. Proteins coagulate
ii. Sugar caramelize
iii. Water evaporates
iv. Fat solidify
v. Starches gelatinized
a) i only
b) i and ii only
c) i,ii,iii and v
d) all the above

Shade the letter ‘T’ if the statement is True and ‘F’ if the statement is False on the True/False Answer Sheet. 1. Bones that are exposed to air during cooking will turn dark and this will discolour the stock.

2. Broth and bouillon refer to simple,clear soups without solid ingredients.

3. Low temperature produces the best cooked eggs.

4. Yeast is a non living microscopic plant.

5. A heavy whipping cream has a fat content between 36%-40%.

6. In standard breading procedure moist items should be held longer before to extract moisture.

7. Red snapper is a type of fresh water fish....
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