Mgr Hot Seat

Topics: Want, Need, Physical Appearance Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: February 3, 2013
After watching the video I feel as if Bill, the manager, handled the situation professionally and the right way. Randall pleaded his case with evidence, threw Abby under the bus and decided that she would either need to leave or move into a different area. Bill refused to dig into the relationship of Randall and Abby and by doing that it left Bill’s opinions about the situation open. After Bill heard Randall’s side and saw the emails he should have immediately contacted human resources, HR. Once human resources were contacted Abby will need to be talked to and HR will probably want to be present in the meeting. HR will also want to hear Randall’s side of the story as well.

Abby’s case still needs to be made. If there are some other issues going on with Randall that haven’t been made clear through Randall or the emails, it needs to be addressed. Abby’s story may lead to Randall being more at fault and since she spoke of his actions in a criminal light, Randall may be in more trouble than just moving into a different area. If a criminal situation is at hand that will also have to be dealt with by human resources and Randall could find himself jobless.

After both sides are heard, a decision between the manager, Bill and human resources needs to be made. Clearly Randall and Abby will not be able to work together or share emails. One of the two, Randall or Abby, will have to be placed into a different department. Depending on either’s seniority at the company or importance to each department, the decision on where one goes shouldn’t be left in either employee’s hands and should be decided by HR and/or Bill the manager. Since they both have knowingly violated company policy with emails they should be written up and not be allowed to share emails with each other at all.

All in all I think that Bill handled the situation well. The only negative thing that I saw was in Bill’s physical appearance when he started to smirk, which was noticed and called...
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