Mgmt591 Course Project

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Turning a Company into a High Performance Organization byway of Motivation and Leadership

GM591 ON_W Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Visionary leadership, culture of accountability, affinity for risk, and strategic agility are all key characteristics of a High Performance Organization (HPO). A visionary leader is one who inspires the team to move towards the vision and creates strategic momentum through connection between strategy and those who deliver it on the front line. In a High Performance Organization, leaders are aware and realize how accountability must be paired with authority for maximal results. Outstanding leaders that have the ability to orchestrate organizational change often utilize a high degree of motivation. The president of K.I.S.S. Entertainment was a new leader who lacked the knowledge on how to successfully lead and motivate her team. The company developed great concepts and implemented new ideas where it was expected for the company to generate a sufficient amount of revenue. As time progressed and the work became overwhelming, the team began to become lackadaisical resulting in deprivation of execution. This paper inspects K.I.S.S. Entertainment as a company, identifies the problems with their leadership, and suggests solutions to rectify the issues with becoming a High Performance Organization as the outcome.

K.I.S.S. Entertainment is a small event planning, marketing, and promotional media company based out of Chicago, IL. Since existence, K.I.S.S. Entertainment’s main focus has been to deliver important messages to the youth and African-American communities’ byway of entertainment. Unfortunately, K.I.S.S. Entertainment fell into some financial troubles after a failed event. Due to the tremendous loss of revenue, the board members of K.I.S.S. Entertainment became discouraged, unmotivated, and rebellious towards the president of the company and her decisions. The president of the company was new to leadership and uncertain on how to get the team back to their positive mindset. She began to orchestrate and implement new ideas for promotion and marketing but the team was reluctant to the change. Since nearly all of her ideas were shot down and the company was on a downhill spiral, the president was concerned that the team wouldn’t come out of the depression and they would eventually lose the company they worked so hard to get.

As a marketing, event planning, and promotional media company, K.I.S.S. Entertainment had their work cut out for them. Each event planned had to be carefully organized with a detailed budget and a concrete marketing plan. K.I.S.S. Entertainment had a streak of success until one event caused them a great deal of catastrophe. The company had never experience such shame since existence and immediately caused them to become discouraged, lackadaisical, and discombobulated. Instead of learning from their mistakes and recovering from the unforeseen circumstances, the company made a turn for the worst. Members began not to follow through on tedious assignments, important planning meetings were rescheduled several times, and large events were either postponed or canceled. The president of the company knew something had to be done quickly or the company would fail completely. She realized the answer to the problem was motivation. The team was no longer motivated to complete assignments or get the company back onto the right path and their goal of becoming a High Performance Organization were no longer a focus. The president was left with the thought, ‘How can this team become motivated to see her vision of turning the company into a High Performance Organization”.

Turning a company into a High Performance Organization is not an easy task. When attempting to turn a company into a High Performance Organization, one must understand the key characteristics. The key characteristics of a High Performance Organization are visionary leadership, culture of...
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