Mgmt340 Week 4

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Chapter 5 Problems and Exercises
3. Suppose you were asked to lead a JAD session. List 10 guidelines you would follow in playing the proper role of a JAD session leader. 1. Hold sessions at a location away from work and with limited distractions. 2. Set an agenda and keep the session on track

3. As the session leader, remain neutral on issues
4. Identify and address critical political and organizational issues early 5. Establish the executive sponsor as the tiebreaker
6. Require that attendance and participation are mandatory
7. Stress that all participants are equal regardless of job code 8. Make sure the facilitator is fully trained and prepared
9. Maintain order; only allow one conversation at a time
10. Respond to ideas, not people.

5. An interview lends itself easily to asking probing questions of asking different questions, depending on the answers provided by the interviewee. It is possible to use probing and alternative questions in a questionnaire. Discuss how you could include probing or alternative sets of questions in a questionnaire. A method of including probing or alternative questions in a questionnaire is asking open-ended questions. Most questionnaires use closed-ended questions in these forms: true or false, multiple choice, rating scale or ranking by importance. By composing a questionnaire of open-ended questions or at least a combination of both open and closed-ended questions, you can gain more insight into the system.

Chapter 7 Problems and Exercises
6. An airline reservation is an association between a passenger, a flight, and a seat. Select a few pertinent attributes for each of these entity types and represent a reservation in an E-R diagram.
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