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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Do managers need emotional intelligence to manage successfully in the workplace? Why or why not?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an individual’s ability to recognise the impact of their own emotions upon their behaviour as well as being able to understand and control the emotions of others that surround them (George 2000). In order to successfully manage within the workforce managers need a high level of EI. Historically there was little to no emphasis placed upon the need for emotional intelligence within the workplace as research and common theories of the time, such as the scientific theory and the behavioural management theories, categorised employees as mechanical being rather than a personality built on emotion, leading to the behavioural management categorisation of human behaviour. Both theories allowed little to no room for a shift in managerial perceptions and understanding which are acquired as a result of EI. In these changing times there is a widely recognised need for more innovative methods of management, rather than the traditional one-theory views (Marshall 2011).

EI is an essential skill which should be utilised to maximum capacity by mangers within the workforce. Through the evolution of culture and societal values there is an ever-present need to understand the parallel changes emerging within the workforce as a result of this cultural shift. Mangers require a high level of emotional intelligence within the workplace in order to correctly deal with and understand the issue and changes within the modern working environment. Due to the heightening levels of diversity within the workforce EI has become a fundamental skill in developing, understanding and leveraging this diversity. Managers need to be able to anticipate the needs of employee and client needs in order to successfully establish connections within the workforce. At times where employees foresee the development of a long-term relationship, they are prepared to invest more effort...
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