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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Management 425 is intended to be a challenging and exciting capstone course for the undergraduate business school curriculum. It is first and foremost a course about “strategy” and about “managing for success.” The course centers around the theme that a company achieves sustained success if and only if it s managers: (1) have an astute, timely strategic game plan for running the company, and (2) implement and execute then plan for proficiency. The course will stress how and why a well-conceived, well-executed strategy nearly always enhances a company’s long-term performance.

In studying the tasks for managing strategy the course will also tackle another important function: that of trying to integrate much of the knowledge you have gained in the core business curriculum. This is a “big picture” course, a trait that makes it a truly different kind of course from other business courses. Virtually all of the other required and elective courses you have taken were concerned with a specific functional area (production, marketing, finance, accounting) and/or a well-defined body of knowledge (economics, statistics, legal environment). More than a few of your previous courses have been highly structured and related closely to a well-developed body of theory. Some provided quantitative techniques for you to sink your teeth into. Others related to information and specific skills the faculty believes you needed to acquire. This course shares few of these traits. The problems and issues of strategy formulation and implementation cover the whole spectrum of business and management. Many variables and situational factors must be dealt with as one. Weighing the pros and cons of strategy entails a total enterprise perspective and a skill of judging how all of the relevant factors add up to space what actions need to be taken.

In general, this course is designed to introduce you to what the role and tasks of the strategy manager are, to introduce you to what...
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