Mgmt 303 Week 6

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  • Published : October 21, 2011
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1. I believe that Shanks old boss failed to meet the security needs within the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The security needs are for a secure physical and emotional environment, (Griffin.R,2011.p.512). Examples include the desire for housing and clothing and the need to be free from worry about money and job security, (Griffin.R,2011.p.512). These needs can be satisfied in the workplace by job continuity (no layoffs), a grievance system (to protect against arbitrary supervisory actions), and an adequate insurance and retirement benefit package for security, (Griffin.R,2011.p.512). The Shanks old boss did not mention a retirement benefit package. I would recommend implementing a company to employee percentage matching 401 k plan. For example, if a employee contributes six percent of their personal salary earned to the companies 401k plan, than the company must matche dollar for dollar up to six percent. This will give the employee the extra motivation to remain loyal and build and maintain a long and successful career within the company because of the new 401k plan.

2. The expectancy theory suggests that motivation depends on two things—how much we want something and how likely we think we are to get it, (Griffin.R,2009,p.516). The performance-to-outcome expectancy is the individual’s perception that performance will lead to a specific outcome, (Griffin.R,2009,p.517). Considering the employee is underpaid and the performance to outcome expectancy, the employee will not work up to his full potential. The company will suffer because of expectancy theory and the employee being underpaid. The manager can reward hard work to each and every employee within the organization with higher wages, time off, and promotions. I would recommend implementing an employee of the month program to motivate employees to perform above the desired potential of the firm and/or their individual max potential.

3. Flight 001 work environment displays hygiene and motivation...
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