Mga Hadlang Sa Pag-Aaral

Topics: Hygiene, Hepatitis, Hepatitis A Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Introduction :

The health of seafarer

The personal health of a seafarer is the most important things of all when you are boarding a vessel. A lot of questions will come specially when we talk about the issues of health when you are at sea. Otherwise, some of people are frightened what will happen to them when they were in the vessel they probably think they will be in danger or not in a good condition such as always vomiting ,feeling drowsy, and, no appetite in eating their foods. In spite in all of these happening the paramount is always starts in safety voyage. When we talk about the life of a seafarer the supreme needs begins of health conditions. Showing their life when they were a boarding a vessel. When it comes to health there are effective guides how to manage a stable condition . There are four rules regulation when we talk about the are of food consumption.First , is the master shall ensure that the crew is furnished with proper and sufficient food. The Minister of Economic and Business Affairs may lay down regulations to this effect. Secondly, If the master considers it is necessary to reduce food during the voyage, the crew shall be entitled to claim compensation. Third ,The master shall not personally contract for the catering of the crew. Lastly, The master shall supervise the sanitary conditions and the cleanliness on board. The Minister of Economic and Business Affairs may lay down rules to that effect. It was rules in food sanitary consumption. Speaking in hours of rest a seafarer shall have regular, undisturbed periods of rest, adequate to ensure health and safety. The Minister of Economic and Business Affairs may lay down rules about the hours of rest and hours of work. The provisions of hours of work do not apply to merchant ships. the next question,

II. The diseases caught by the seafarers

Why many seafarers caught in diseases ? Quite different to the situation in the past, seafarers rarely get an opportunity to visit...
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