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INFT3950 Games Design 2013 Assignment

Dr. Karen Blackmore

  TASK Imagine that you are employed by a leading game development company as a game designer. The company has identified a game idea that they think will be successful for their next major title. The next step is to work out some details and present the idea to key decision makers within the company as a “high concept/pitch” document. If they like it, the game will go ahead. The idea you have been given is for a game based on the following premise: In the future, mobile phones will become very intelligent. There will be so many linked together that they will form a collective intelligence. Together they will try to take over the human race, and enslave them to their will. The player can either take the role of the collective intelligence in trying to enslave all humans, or could take the opposite side, i.e. attempt to rescue the human race from enslavement. Consider this initial idea, and develop a high concept document. You will use this to pitch your concept for the game to the key decision makers – hopefully they will like it and give you the funding you need! GENERAL INFORMATION As a high concept, your document should be catchy and to the point – it is essentially a sales pitch so it should leave the reader wanting more. But, you also need to have considered the features of your design in enough detail that those reading the document get a good understanding of who the game will target and what features it will include. You should include a minimum of one graphic to communicate your vision for the game (a hand drawn sketch is appropriate). Your ideas should be prepared as a...
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