Mexico vs Us Comparison

Topics: Mexico, Education, High school Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: November 16, 2011
While Mexico and the U.S. Share a boarder and a few other similarities, they are two very different countries. In the United States when we hear Mexico we often think of bad things such as the drug cartels, or even their corrupt police. In reality Mexico does have many positive culture traits that are lacking in the United States. Mexico is a very religious country. The dominant religion is Roman Catholic. Catholics make up 82.7 percent of the Mexican population. There are catholic icons everywhere, in fact the virgin of Guadalupe’s image is as popular and recognizable in Mexico as The Coke logo is in the U.S. In fact, while talking to Bryan, Prairie Heights High school’s Mexican foreign exchange student, he said he too was a Catholic. When I asked what his home was like he confirmed that the walls are decorated primarily with religious paintings and symbols. He believes his religion leads him out of harm’s way; also, it prevents him from hanging with bad influences. Bryan told me he goes to church every Sunday, and that he LOVES God. Mexico…we hear it in the news, we see the violence, and hear constant reports of violence and corruption in our southern neighbor. Yet, what we hear and see is only part of Mexico. According to Bryan only in big cities do these terrible things take place. Not all of Mexico is bad, only some places and some people. When I asked Bryan about how we, US citizens, hear about all of Mexico’s police being corrupt and if it was true he began to laugh. When he finally stopped he did agree that they were NOT doing their jobs and were very much a corrupt entity. This is a huge difference between Mexico and the US, and is why so many people in the US are afraid to travel to Mexico. Maybe if Mexico was better educated their lives wouldn’t be as violent and scary.

In Mexico the schooling system is very different. While taking Spanish classes in high school we learn just how different Mexico’s schooling is their hallways are all outdoors, they...
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