Mexico Versus America

Topics: United States, Mixed economy, Mexico Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Mexico and the United States are bordering countries; however, they have several dissimilarities between them. For example, the education system requirements between Mexico and America slightly differ. The Mexican culture of food, language, and entertaining pastimes are very different from American’s. Furthermore, the economic system of the United States is exceptionally contrary to the economic system of Mexico. For Mexico and America to be neighboring countries, the awareness of their differences can be astonishing.

The structure, requirements, and teaching methods of Mexico's education system slightly differ from America's. As one should know, the American education system is broken down into grade levels; once a child reaches age 5, he or she should be enrolled into a kindergarten program. The student is obligated by law to be enrolled in school from grade levels k-12 depending on resident state requirements. America's method of teaching is primarily based on reasoning, analysis and in-depth specialization of a particular subject. Similar to America, Mexico's education system is also comprised of different grade levels; however, they range from levels 1-12. Mexico academic system emphasizes more on gaining knowledge through memorization (Mukherjee). As previously stated, the Mexican and American education systems are somewhat different.

Mexico’s established culture of spiced foods, native language, and pleasant pastimes are quite different from America’s innovating blends of foods, natural language, and enjoyable pastimes. Most Mexican dishes contain three main products which include: corn that can either be served roasted, as porridge, or made into dough for tortillas, over a hundred different types of hot peppers or chilies, and beans (Countries Mexico). On the contrary, most American foods are inherited from the many different nations that have migrated over. Also, Americans seem to consume large amounts of processed and fast foods as a result...
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