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Topics: Cosmetics, World Trade Organization, International trade Pages: 9 (2713 words) Published: May 17, 2013
International project management

(Failure of entering the Japanese market)

Iveta Fuzakova
Amelie Brassac
Hakan Tuncer 2013
Armagan Saygili


1.1.Charakteristics of the problem4
1.3.The final definition of the problem6
2.Data collection7
2.1.Makeup and Skincare Shopping Habits Across Asia9
2.2.Differences between Europien and Japanese cosmetic brands11

Schedule of tasks : SEPHORA project (2013)|
Name/ Date| 19.3| 12.4| 26.4| 10.5| 17.5| 22.5| 23.5| 24.5| Ivet| 1.part: character of the problem + Surrounding| 1.part: Final definition of the problem 2.part: all data collection, explanation of makeup and skincare shopping habbits in Japan| 2.part- cultural differences Japan vs. Europe (differences between Europien and Janapese cosmetic brands)| Made a schedule of the project| Complete the final definiton of the problem (Description of the whole "journey" of our thinkink, from the project beginning till the final definition of the problem) + add more cultural differences | Discussion| Final modification| PRESENTATION| Amelie| 1.part: character of the problem| 1.part: Final definition of the problem | –|  | 3.part: Reason of the problem (Summarization: why did Sephora company failed on the Japanese market? What did they forget to do before they entered the market?) + possible solutions of the problem| | | | Hakan| Found marketing reserch about makeup and skincare shopping habbits in Japan| –-| –|  | Add the source (website) to figures 1.2,3. +Solutions evaluation + the decision (Which solution is the best and why?)| | | | Army| | –-| –|  | | | | |

1. Definition

Sephora is a French brand and chain of cosmetics stores founded in Paris in 1970, and acquired by French conglomerate LVMH (Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy) in 1997. The Sephora chain includes more than 1,750 points of sale in 30 countries across the world. Carrying more than 100 brands, along with their own private label, Sephora offers beauty products including makeup, skincare, fragrance, hair care, bath and body products, and hair and make-up tools. 1.1. Characteristics of the problem

Character of the problem
Deviation = situation goes different way that we had expected. Sephora is a global company that includes more than 1300 stores in 27 countries. They wanted to extend their bussines to Japan market. When a company wants to open a shop in a foreign country, the managers should get a lot of information about customers, their habits and about the whole market in general. Sephora company didn’t make this research. There was a lack of information, they didn’t know the market well. Because of this reasons Sephora failed. The company missed information especially about marketing, that’s why they had many problems. The management wasn’t expected this situation. This problem is very complicated, because if Sephora wants a better comeback to Japan market, the top management of the company needs a really good team of profesional managers. They will have to make a very deep maketing reserch of the Japan market to find out many important information, especially about Japanese customers habits. Moreover it’s a really complicated problem because they have to change and remove all the plans for each department (as finance, marketing, public relations..). When you have failed one time you have to work more to reach your goal. Perspective: This problem needs a long time realisation of many different activities– it’s a strategic problem. Strategic problems are the most difficult to solve bacause they are global, it means they have to be solved by the co-operation of all the departments in the company. The owner of this problem is of course the owner of whole Sephora company but in the specific term the problem belongs to the director, who was responsible for Japan market (lokal Japanese CEO). This...
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