Mexico Post Colonial

Topics: Mexico, Mexican Revolution, Emiliano Zapata Pages: 4 (1577 words) Published: February 14, 2013
The history of Post colonial Mexico included many successful and influential leaders: Porfirio Diaz, Francisco Madero, Francisco (Pancho) Villa, and Emiliano Zapata. Disparities in classification of the revolution arise from the numerous factions and ideological assumptions advocated for the overthrow of Diaz’s rule, hence one can argue that it was a political, social, or economical revolution. A social revolution advocates a complete transformation of all characteristic aspects of society, encompassing the political structure, economically distribution, and social hierarchy. These men set forth some major objectives to revive Mexico that led to the Mexico Revolution of 1910-1916 and the Constitution of 1917. When Diaz came into powered he immediately began consolidating his power. He made use of tactics of effective dictatorship and divided and conquers the military, the church and even foreign powers. He even added his own people into state governors such as friends and family. He shifted commands for the m military, controlling courts, subsidizing the press and cultivation the support of the church. He took his slogan, “Order and Progress” very seriously and those who failed to cooperate or to follow, he would have them arrested or even killed. He was very determining to change the tradition that Mexico had in the last few years of anarchy for economic and modernization would happen. The Pax Porfiriano was kept in place by support of the police. Diaz even set up a spy system where agents were on both side of the U.S. and Mexico frontier. Like I said before, political or any rival of Diaz was either shot on the spot (Ley Fuga) or sent to the federal prison at San Juan de Ulua. The failures of the Porfiriato Regime included economic trouble, failure of the elite to unify to put down the rebellion, and lack of a natural order of succession. These are some of the reasons that led to the Mexican Revolution and each affected various sectors of Mexico differently....
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