Mexico and Narco-Trafficking

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Mexico Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Modern Mexican Society
In modern Mexico society, narco-trafficking, illegal immigration, and NAFTA are inter-woven. They all relate to trying to find the better life, trying to become richer, and trying to survive.
To begin with, narco-trafficking is the term used to explain Mexico’s drug problem. Narco-trafficking, however does not only relate to Mexico, it does indeed include Asia, South America, and the United States. The major issue though for Mexico is the transfer of drugs across the Mexican-American border. Both the United States and Mexico have tried to stop this issue for years but have found it unstoppable. There is a drug organization with different groups of people all in one called the Cartels. The Cartels include Tijuana, Sialoa, Juarez, Gulf, and Zetas. These groups are comprised of highly intelligent men who know the tricks to shipping and selling narcotics. They are a twenty-five billion dollar Mexican industry. Twenty million Mexicans are living off of making under three dollars a day. The difference between three dollars a day and a twenty-five billion dollar industry is huge. The Cartels are a huge money income into Mexico. However, the United States’s drug demand is between fifty and fifty-five percent of the drug world market. Such a high demand leads to a sufficient supply. The United States’s demand has led Mexico to be one of the biggest drug distributers in the world. Therefore, that is why narco-trafficking is such a huge issue. Every day the Cartels are trying to smuggle drugs across the border.

Following narco-trafficking, illegal immigration is another issue in modern Mexico society. Since twenty million Mexicans are living in poverty, if they do not turn to selling drugs, then they turn to crossing the border. Not immigrants are illegal, however, there are many legal immigrants as well. About one million visas are given out to legal immigrants each year. This visas are given to those who have a legal family member in the...
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