Mexico's Educational System

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Dear Professor,

It is a wonderful thing to know the different educational systems of the other countries, thanks for the privilege, Dr. Alonsabe, through your creativity we were given a chance.

Education in Mexico like Japan, China and other countries is compulsory by law. It is regulated by the Secretariat of Public Education except for autonomous universities chartered by the government. The accreditation of Private Schools is accomplished by a mandatory approval and registration with this institution. This practice is also the same with the Philippine educational system but only the Philippine has different volunteers organization that are conducting accreditation for private schools to strengthen and reach quality education.

While the Philippine government’s education accepts even foreigners to school at public school, the Mexican educational system is not. Foreigners must pay tuition if they are to enroll public school. Mexico also provides education with equality to other religion.

The Mexico basic education is like of China but they slightly differ in the Philippines when it comes to the number of years in high school. Their basic education is divided into 3 steps; primary school, secondary (junior high school 7-9 grades) and preparatory (senior high school grades 10-12). Like the Philippines, they also used bilingual instructions depending on the school. Mexico offered more specialized subjects like Physics, Chemistry and World History but for the Philippines, these subjects are part of the regular subjects of high school curriculum then a student receive diploma during the graduation while the Mexican educational system after junior high school, students need to proceed to senior high school in order to enter college and university. 

During senior years, Mexican students are trained with basic training for a job. It is also the required step for college and university entrance. This kind of system will be...
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