Mexican White Boy

Topics: Family, Baseball, Father Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Danny faces fitful interior struggle with his father’s side of the family. He feels weird that his grandmother was praising him for being a good student and his talents. He feels so awkward because from the environment others grow up in, everyone praises you for the bad boy things you do. Now being praised for being good is something new to him which he hadn’t quite understood yet. Danny feels bad that the adults in the family looks up to him but what he wants are to look up to them as a role model. Danny doesn’t care about his father’s side of the family status or what they do for a living he loved them just for who they were and wanted to be like them. Now he feels guilty because of his talents for being such a good student and able to speak English and what not. On page 47 (2) “Having the whole family stare at him and his tortilla, these people he adores. That’s when he wishes he didn’t get such good grades.” Danny wanted to be treated as an equal like everyone he didn’t care about being treated special. He didn’t like it that his grandmother was ashamed of being Mexican. He wanted to live in the same style they do, he wanted to talk and act like the way his fathers side of the family does. They was what he wanted to be like, they was suppose to be who he looks up to and not the other way around.

Danny may be a skinny 16-year-old, but he has long, powerful arms that are made for pitching fastballs. What he doesn’t have is a solid mental game. The emotional instability of his life and his sense of otherness keep him from showing the baseball team at his very white school what he can do.

Danny’s dad, who is Mexican-American, disappeared from his life under mysterious circumstances years ago. Danny doesn’t know where he is, but misses him deeply.

It helps that his mom—who is white and still loves his dad although divorced from him—has maintained close ties with Danny’s paternal relatives

This summer Danny has chosen to live with his dad’s family...
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