Mexican Wedding Ceremony

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Mexican Wedding
I was fifteen years old when I first saw a wedding ceremony in Mexico. All the people in the church were happy and animated. Everybody was sitting and waiting for the bride to arrive. The groom looked nervous and excited. Finally the bride arrived to the church, everybody was clapping and smiling to her; it was so beautiful to see that two persons were about to join their lives forever. However, nobody could imagine all the effort that the couple did to make the ceremony wedding happen. When a couple wants to marry, the first step to do is to ask for the bride. In Mexico, the tradition is that the groom and his parents visit the family’s bride. Usually the meeting is to have permission of her parents and to start planning the wedding. If the parents of the bride accept and allow the wedding, they must start planning the wedding. In some states of the south of Mexico, the groom has to pay for the bride, but in the majority that is not longer used. It is also common that both parts of the families pay for the wedding, but in the past the groom’s parents paid for everything. The couple must talk with their priest and set the date of the wedding. The clothes to be wear in a wedding are a white dress and the bridal veil. Some people think seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony is bad luck which is why the man cannot see the bride until they meet at the altar. The groom usually wears a black suit, but in some communities the couple has to wear the typical costumes of the region. The wedding ceremony is very religious and traditional in many countries. The catholic religion has a big influence in the wedding ceremony. When a couple is planning to marry, they have to find sponsors for the wedding. It is tradition that all members of both families are present in the ceremony, specially the parents of the couple. The wedding ceremony is performed in a catholic church. It’s a tradition that the bride’s father has to walk her to the altar where she’ll...
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