Mexican Revolution

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Can controlling your child be a way of losing your child? Parents who try to be overprotective of their child(ren) can secretly be driving their kid(s) away. In the poem Girl By Jamaica Kincaid, and the novel Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel chapters 1 and 2, both speak on a girl being raised by their mothers who are shaped to be very dictative, and controlling. Jamaica Kincaid and Laura Esquivel are women from two different countries, Kincaid originating from the Caribbean Antigua and, Esquivel from Mexico share similarities in their Literatures they published. A mother is suppose to teach their daughter how to grow into a mature well rounded women, but being controlling and very strict parent can lead your child to rebel.

Both literatures certainly share similarities on the role their parents played in their life. As you read the poem Girl by Jamaica Kincaid, she states the commands her mother dictates to her in how to cook, how to clean, how to do things when in front of individuals and much more. In comparison to Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, chapters 1 & 2, the similarities in both these stories are the lessons the moms teach their children. There is a twist to Like Water for Chocolate, because the young girl named Tita has a second mom named Nacha who she looks to more as a mother then her biological mother Mama Elena. In both chapters, Nacha and Tita who build their bond as women who cook for the family, which is common in the poem girl Girl, Jamaica learns from her mom “This is how to make a bread pudding; this is how to make doukona; this is how to make pepper pot;” these commands Jamaica got from her mom are very similar to Nacha getting her knowledge on how to cook. Jamaica Kincaid and Tita from Like Water for Chocolate do share similar stories in their reactions to dealing with a controlled parent. Jamaica Kincaid who changed her name from Elaine Cynthia Potter Richardson to Jamaica Kincaid once she was forced to move...
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