Mexican Immigration

Topics: United States, Mexico, Economy of the United States Pages: 4 (1589 words) Published: April 30, 2013
By foot, boat and car, immigrants risk all they have for the uncertain promise of a new life. America offers freedoms and new beginnings for those who are willing to work for it. Mexican immigration flourished around World War I, in the early 1900’s. This has continued throughout time and has increased by close to eight percent each year (United States). With nothing but their traditions and hopes for a better future, Mexican immigrants come for the promise of new starts and better outlooks. After World War I, many Mexicans moved to the southern United States in search of economic, political, and educational freedoms along with citizens’ rights in order to help provide for their families.

When war struck the United States in the early 1900’s, the citizens had other pressing issues on their hearts as well. With all the men going to fight, there was a lack of workers in almost all of the industries that the country relied on. Agriculture and factory workers were at an all-time low, and the demand was needed to help produce and supply goods and services not only for the people, but for the war and the soldiers fighting in it. As shown through their work quality, “they have added to and enriched our society through their many contributions. Among these contributions is their willingness to work hard and harvest crops in the valleys of the Southwest as well as in other parts of the country, thereby making these valleys among the richest in the world” (Perez 1). With all these jobs open, the Mexican immigrants had ample opportunities to better their lives if they came to the United States. While the opportunities in America were high, there was also a big difference in the salaries they were being offered. “In America, the average daily wage is 60 dollars, while in Mexico, the average wage for a day’s work is 5 American dollars” (Barry 200). Even working in poor conditions for a low salary, many immigrants flooded to the spots and began working. They started with...
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