Mexican History

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Pre columbine history of Mexico Before the arrival of the first Europeans to the Americas, the civilization of ancient Mexico achieved important advances in military strategy, architecture, mathematics, and agriculture. Olmec culture was the mother of all Mesoamerican civilizations. They lived between 1200 B.C and 800 B.C Several other cultures raised when the Olmec disappeared, the most known were the Maya, architects, and the Aztecs who greeted the Spanish conquerors in 1519.

The Spanish supremacy ( Spanish power and authority) The arrival of Hernan Cortes and his men made the natives of Mexico think that the Spaniards were sent by god to help the Aztecs in their battle against other tribes. The first Mexican war began in 1521 between the Aztecs and Spaniards. Cortes defeated the Aztecs and claimed the land for the Spanish crown. The Spaniards had more advanced weapons. The land of New Spain out grew the borders of the Aztec empire due to several Spanish mission trips to Mexico. Mexican Independence Mexican society was formed by a minority of pure native descendants by Mestizos, Spanish Immigrants, and a majority of Criollos. Criollos initiated an insurrection that resulted in the proclamation of independence in 1821. Criollos became the ruling class in Mexico. In the modern times, the process of organizing Mexico wasn’t a easy task. It took years of wars to achieve peace. The most important war in Mexico history was the war against the U.S., which is called the Mexican-American war and it lasted two years. In modern day, Mestizos and Criollos formed the majority of the population in Mexico. With a huge cultural heritage, the richness of it...
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