Mexican Americans

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  • Published : November 10, 2007
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Mexican American Article Review
I feel that it is important in becoming an elementary teacher with special education that we study and teach about Mexican-American history and culture. The first article that I am going to talk is called, "Integrating Mexican-American History and Culture into Social Studies Classroom". The article talks about how Mexican-American are the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States and also the least educated. The article also gives important information on how to prepare teachers for introducing the Mexican-American culture and history in the classroom and school. My second article is titled, "A New Latino Underclass". This article talks about the Hispanic culture, whether they are American born or an immigrant. The main focus of the article is about assimilation. Heather Mac Donald talks about how illegal immigration is just worsening the Hispanics culture, and how it is taking a turn for the worst. The Mexican-Americans are assimilating their culture with the culture from Mexico. The problem is that the immigrants from Mexico do not want to assimilate the American culture with their own culture. The article also talks about the rise of gangs and how some of the parents support it. It stresses on how gangs are affecting the drop out rate among Hispanics. "Integrating Mexican-American History and Culture into the Social Studies Classroom" is the first article I am going to discuss. The article starts out talking about how important it is to teach Mexican-American culture in the school. "Parents value the importance of education for their children, but they don't always agree with the school's approaches to teaching and learning, nor accept the secular values as appropriate for their family." (Escamilla, 1992) Teaching the content of Mexican-American culture helps improve the student's self esteem. "Studies have suggested that positive ethnic affiliation among Mexican-Americans (and other groups) greatly...
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